my thoughts during a cross country race

shit i can't keep this pace

how did i not hit 2 miles yet

i'm willing to pretend to puke here

i'm willing to fall and scrape my knees here

wow i have a pretty sick mind

what's wrong with me

i shouldn't have sprinted up that hill

pain is temporary...but not temporary enough


a mile's kind of far...


I’ve never been one of those people to half ass anything if I do it I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. But lately I can’t mustard up the motivation to run. I don’t even want to run the 400 anymore and I live and die for that race. The only thing that keeps me coming to practice is the freshmen, I hope I can inspire just one of them to give their all every time they step on the track. But I can’t find the motivation to do that; I’m just do what I’m told without any heart or passion behind it and I hate it. My work ethic on the track and my passion for the things I love are how I define myself. And now that I’m losing the passion for the thing I love the most, I can feel myself slowly dying.